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05 March 2013 @ 01:16 pm
||| i am going to some place where dolls will be allowed, doll planet. i will be living in the garden dolls. and every beautiful unique toy will be mine. who needs reality if i can create my own universe?
but the road is long and twisted...
i am on my way to the dream, to my kingdom of dolls. and in addition , i will make my life easier choosing this path. |||
Sex on the plane.
Reference to the commercial
Nothing is mine.

They were to make commercial. A silly one. If you're famous why not benefit from it on any possible chance? Right.
Of course the scene was shot not in the air.
They all arrived to the parked airplane with the film crew and just acted 5 minute dialogue, both wearing identical shirts.
A friendly innocent chat.
But between these two, nothing can end that innocently.
Once the film crew decided to take a break, Bill with a usual wink of an eye, hinted to Leonard that he wants him in the airplane bathroom.
To which Lenard at first didn't react enthusiastically, but then decided they still had enough time.
Both followed to the restroom with 3 minutes interval.
There were many people around, so no one quite noticed anything suspicious.

Bill was inside and nearly pulled Leonard into the cubicle once he opened the door.
It was too small inside. But the head of their desire was pressing tight.
They couldn't stand there without their bodies touching from chest to toe.
While Leonard only slightly hesitated, as to was it a good idea really doing it few steps away from the set, Bill wasted no time. He slid hands under Leonard's shirt and found his nipples. At the same time kissing his neck and clavicle.
Leonard leaned his head back and let Bill lick his neck.
They were getting hard very quickly, soon they found it difficult to breathe. Their faces were blushed and eyes dark with desire which had to be fulfilled, at any price.
Bill's hand gripped at Leonard's hair, guiding his head into a possessive kiss.
They tried not to moan too loudly. Everything was done in semi-hissing and stifled moans and rather heavy but soundless gasps.

Zipper was opened and pants were shucked quickly to the floor.
Nudging Bill face to the wall, he pressed closely to him and bit onto the ear. Bill gasped again and bucked his hips sharply against Leonard's groin, feeling his hot hard flesh, sleek with precome, resting against his buttocks.
Leonard reached out with one hand to Bill's cock and with the other hand to his mouth, covering it firmly to avoid eliciting any moans of excitement.
Then leonard entered him, slowly and fully.
Bill arched his back and laid his head between Leonard's shoulder and neck.
Leonard begun to move, his pace steady and growing. Bill was panting into his palm and moving his hips in rhythm with Leonard's.
Leonard pushed harder and squeezed Bill's cock with his other hand, slamming him into the wall of a toilet.
Bill whimpered and gasped. He seemed to be begging Leonard to move faster. Nothing mattered at that moment, nothing except this.

Their bodies tightened, heart beat faster than it was possible, breathing became frantic and soon the release was pouring out of them in hot spurts of fluid.

Leonard carefully removed his hand off Bill's mouth, white marks from pressure on the skin.
They cleaned themselves, rearranging the clothes.
“Time to get back on the set, Lenny.” Bill said.
And Leonard smiled at him slyly, “We have another break in one hour.”
15 February 2013 @ 08:33 pm
I am an addictive personality. Leonard said in one of his interviews.
And when he loves something he cannot stop.
He loves Bill.
Loved him from the very first day they met.
There was something about this man that he never saw in other people, regardless of the gender.
So when they first were to make a show together, Leonard couldn't take his eyes away from Bill.
He needed to see him again.
He needed more of him.
This was an obsession.

And Bill, from his own words, doesn't like to be alone. He constantly needs presence and affection of friends, someone speacial and his family.
So when he sensed that Leonard took much interest in him, he couldn't' help but returned his interest.

It wasn't really hard to win Bill over.
It took Leonard about less than a week. They decided to spend a weekend at Bill's place.
Wine, fireplace, furry carpet on the wooden floor and a pleasant scent from aroma candles.
And of course Bill, the object of Leonard's mad desire, glowing in the dim lights of his room, seducing look in his heavily-lidded eyes.

They sipped at their wine and started to run their hands over their bodies, and faces.
Leonard felt dizziness from the surreal atmosphere and Bill was very confident, a small smirk over his beautiful lips.
They descended to the carpet, undressing each other.
Leonard over Bill, his hungry mouth exploring every inch of Bill's amazing body. His fingers touching golden skin of the man he wanted to badly.

.............. to be cont.
12 February 2013 @ 10:23 pm

Dis. Nothing is mine.
Summary : inspired after a scene in Voyage Home where Spock's using "colorful methaphors";)

“You swear.”
“You're swearing while delivering your lines. And I find it sexy.”

Leonard gives Bill a look but is rather pleased with his comment.
“Come on, do it for me now.”
“Do what?”
“Say the swearing words... We're alone in here. Done with acting for today.”
“Bill... I don't think that swearing is a nice thing to do really. I don't understand how it can be attractive ...sexually attractive for someone.”
“Please, don't be silly. You know why it is attractive.”
“No, tell me.”

Leonard is now collecting his normal clothes and getting rid of his make up, while Bill is sitting in front of him, one leg across the other and whining.

“It is incredibly sexy, Leonard, because your character is so of a good reputation and manners, that it is impossible for him to swear. No matter how bad the situation can be.”
“Ah,” says Leonard, “so you want to ...seduce me? To break me in a way? To make me do things I don't naturally do? Is that what you want?”

Bill grins widely and knowingly. After a moment he replies,
“Right now, all I want is to hear you swear. For me.”
He stands up from the chair and slowly comes to Leonard. To place his hands gently on his waist and brushing his lips against the skin of his neck. Bill's lips crawl to his earlobe and jaw line, making Leonard dizzy with a tight desire deep in his guts.
Bill slides his hand steadily down Leonard's pants and presses there hard, at the same time biting at the earlobe.
Leonard is flustered immediately and getting hard withing minutes. He begins to pant, propping himself onto the desk in front of him, leaning forward. And Bill is moving behind him, without removing his hand from Leonard's crotch.

“Swear to me, baby.” He smirks softly into Leonard's ear.
“I... can't”.
Bill is confused and stops his actions abruptly.
“I can't swear now, the mood is different. Your maddening caress make me want to do anything but to swear.” Leonard pants, while pressing his fingers onto the desk hard board.
“Alright, then I will leave you. I will wait till you be in a mood.” Bills says and retreats, arranging his clothes and nearly walking out of the dressing room.
“It's fine, I understand. You know where you can find me.” and Bill opens the door to walk out of the room; the next moment Leonard is blocking his way, slamming him onto the wall.
“Don't you dare, bastard!” he hisses. “Tease me till I am getting crazy and then leave!? What the hell do you think you are? A fucking celebrity? You think you can do anything you want?”
Bill is getting harder and harder with every angry word he hears Leonard utter, and can't help himself but to slide his hand onto his own cock and stroke it through the clothes.
“...You wanted freaking swearing, now you'll going to have it!” Leonard shouts right into his face.
“Oh Len!” and Bill drops to his knees, pulling Leonard's pants down and wraps his lips around his erected cock, beginning to suck him fast and hard right away.
Leonard is gasping and whimpers, helpless to break free. Rests his hand onto Bill's shoulder awkwardy.
“You... son of a bitch... you did it. Got what you wanted... once again! I can't believe this... Only you...”
And Bill takes him deep into his throat, closing his mouth firmly around his cock, pulling at it, sucking it in, enclosing the hot throbbing flesh between the walls of his throat, while stroking himself.
“Oh God! Oh fucking goodness... Bill... Oh hell! Ohhhh!”
Leonard comes hard into Bill's mouth, and Bill follows him a few seconds after. Hot splash of come spilling over his frantic hand.

Leonard leans onto the wall behind him. Still unable to find his breath. Whispers obscenities and swearing words.
Bill is on his knees and gasping too.

“I love when you swear, Len.” Bill says, and Leonard can't complain about that.
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11 February 2013 @ 09:51 pm
Summary : a bad joke at the episode with the Horta.
Ficlet, slash. first time; non con; a bit of domination.
Dis. nothing's mine.

“That was not freaking funny !”
Leonard is furious , he's not kidding. The joke of Shatner was not the best one. And now he's gonna pay for it.
Friends do not joke like this. Friends do not make their colleagues to relive pain of a character over and over. This was plain mean !
Leonard slams the door of Bill's trailer open, with his foot.
“Not funny, I said!”
“Come on, Len. It was a good joke...” Bill is sitting at the couch tying his shoe strings, smirking and makes Leonard with this even more furious.
Leonard comes close to him and pushes him at the shoulders.
“Don't smile like that when I am talking to you, damn it!”
Bill is offended by now, so he pushes back. he doesn't feel he deserved such kind of treatment; after all it was just an innocent joke.
It seems like it is not a friendly or playful fight. This is getting serious and Leonard is not kidding for sure. This time he decided to show Bill that he's fed up with his stupid pranks and silly sense of humor.
They push and tug at each other's clothes , hissing and breathing angrily, eyes fixed on each other's faces.
Their firm grip is equally strong.
“I won't tolerate this next time, Shatner.” Leonard hisses into his face threateningly. And then... suddenly kisses him on the mouth. Sloppy, wet, ungentle kiss. Eyes closed, fingers digging into fabric of Bill's collar. Tongue is pressing hard to the lips and opens them easily, getting inside.
Bill can only mumble something in bewilderment and holding at Leonard's, as his own feet get unsteady with the adrenaline rush and sudden lust deep inside his stomach.
They fall back onto the couch, Leonard is on top, beautiful hands wander everywhere, sliding under Bill's shirt, his undershirt, back to his belt, undoing it, unzipping his fly. All quicker than the speed of light, well at least quicker than Bill's thoughts at the moment. All this, while their lips still locked and hot tongues moving, pushing at each other hungrily, forgetting everything else.
Bill is not protesting, has no strength to. He's melting, floating on the cloud of an incredible pleasure. He doesn't know what to think.
This never occurred to him that he and Leonard could actually do this. That it would actually feel good.

Bill's pants are open and and a firm warm hand grips him just there and he feels Leonard's mouth start to trail across his neck and collar bone again. And Bill can't help but close his eyes, arching his neck and thrusting into Leonard's hand, which by now is stroking harder and faster, pumping his flesh up and down.
Bill's own hands frantically find their way at the small of Leonard's back and into his trousers, pressing at the cleft of his butt and caressing the cheeks with his shaking fingertips.

“I hate you, Shatner." Leonard whispers, licking at Bill's jaw, stroking him fast.
And Bill splashes over his hand and onto their clothes. He gasps and pants, squeezing his eyes shut, unable to find the ground under his feet.
“Don't think that I've forgiven you. I won't talk to you for another 2 weeks.”
Leonard gives him another possessive kiss, crawls out of the couch and wiping his hand onto a napkin, lazily walks out of the trailer. A nasty grin on his face.
Bill watches him go, stunned and speechless. His pants are still undone and his spent cock exposed.
But he feels he will do anything to make Leonard do it again. Whatever it takes. At any price.
This is much better than any excellent prank. This is going to be his new obsession.
26 December 2012 @ 10:34 pm
Shatnoy A-Z thing.
Just short drabbles about Shatner\Nimoy in alphabetical order (from the end).
Rating from PG to NC.


Not that Bill didn't like it. Of course he did. He used to get pretty many of those. But it was something else he felt for Leonard. Something that even the most gorgeous pussy would never replace. Something deeper than that. He never knew what it was, never could explain even to himself, but he was more than happy that Leonard let him be that close to him whenever Bill needed it.


Bill valued his precious friendship with Leonard. It started suddenly and never really ended. Somehow after rows once in a while they still reconnected. And everything started over. They valued each other so much. This was more than love, more than any closeness that world ever knew. It was an incredible thing.


Velvet, this is how Leonard's throat feels when it envelopes Bill's cock in his dressing room in the end of the day. They miss the party. They hide into their cozy dressing room for this. For this is much better than any party. This is the second things he loves best, and the first thing is Leonard.


Leonard is good at photo art. And he loves taking pictures. He took tones of pictures of Bill. Some of them are not to be seen by anyone but himself. So he sorts them out at his computer, admiring them. Finally he decides to make one of them as his desktop wallpaper. The one where Bill is fully nude, with only a slight shadow covers his smooth skin from Leonard's hungry gaze.


They never dated publicly. It was something to themselves, all this connection. They were joking, slapping, grinning at each oher in front of cameras and at the press conferences but it was always taken as a joke, nothing more. But behind the closed doors they were lovers. Since the beginning of their friendship. And sometimes they could afford to fool around a little.
In Bill's suite, he would ask Leonard jokingly to join him in a slow old-fashioned dance.
And Leonard, after fake protests, would awkwardly accept his invitation and move along with Bill in this hypnotic charming rhythm of a waltz.


Leonard usually wakes up early. At least earlier than Bill. He straightens up, rubs his eyes and blinks at the morning light. Then he gently turns around to face his lover peacefully sleeping, his blond hair falling into his forehead.
Leonard reaches out and softly pushes away the wavy curls of Bill's hair off his face. He can't help himself from smiling sheepishly.
“Good morning, beauty.”


First time Bill got big money from the movie, he spent nearly half of it on luxury.
He bought a yacht. Two days later, after the official celebration with a crowd of friends and guests, he had a second “private” party, intended to only him and Leonard.
They had everything there. Drinks, fancy food, perfect view ,blankets to wrap around themselves as they watched the stars appearing in the night sky, gently rocking on the waves. They were silent, cuddling at the yacht, warm and relaxed under the blankets and into each other's arms.


They were different, almost to the point of opposites. Leonard, calm, serious and focused. Bill, exuberant, impulsive and over-emotional. Everyone was amazed at how these two could actually be friends. Best friends. More than best friends. Lovers.
Sometimes they wonder themselves at how they manage to have such amazing connection. This was another mystery that never found the answer to itself.


Zebra horse was one of the most interesting and unusual birthday presents Bill received from Leonard. Bill was a huge fan of horses and he was perfect at riding them. He had a petty big ranch so these animals would feel free, as if they were still living in a wild life.
So one cool March morning, Leonard took Bill to his ranch where the Zebra was waiting.
Keeping his palms closed over Bill's eyes, Leonard guided him slowly to the place, both chatting laughingly in anticipation.
Then Leonard counted to three and took his hands away from Bill's eyes and Bill's delight was almost childish, his eyes grew large and his mouth opened in a happy smile and he couldn't say a word for a moment.
And Leonard felt incredible joy inside his heart, trying to suppress his own smile.
02 December 2012 @ 07:39 pm
Nothing belongs to me


Spock was lying on the bed exhausted, face down, pressed to the pillow, flat with one side of his face, almost not breathing.
Jim nuzzled him gently at the neck.
“Come on, Spocky. I missed you.”
Spock grunted in response and didn't move.
Jim got irritated but was still playful and friendly. He pulled Spock's pants half down his buttocks despite Spock's feeble protests.
Jim admired firm round cheeks of his First Officer for a moment and then stroked them gently with his hands.
Spock grunted even more and squeezed the corners of the pillow with his fingers.
But Jim didn't stop. He caressed Spock's butt, circling gently at the hole, placing biting kisses along Spock's neck, approaching a pointed ear.
Spock begun bucking his hips, matching Jim's touch.
Soon he canted his hips high enough to make Jim slide his finger in, just for an inch.
Captain gasped and bit onto Spock's earlobe. With his other hand, Jim reached out between Spock's lower abdomen and the mattress to grip him firmly.
“Still exhausted?” Jim grinned, whispering right into his First Officer's ear, closing his fingers on Spock's hard flesh.
“...Less than before”. Spock replied clearly.
Jim gained the pace of both his hands, causing Spock to tuck his flushed face into the pillow and whimper softly.
Captain was becoming more and more turned on, his erection was almost painful, he bit onto his lower lip, all flustered himself.
Light sheen of sweat was appearing in the arc of Spock's lower back and his gasps and moans were driving Jim mad with lust.

“Oh, Spock!...” he breathed and stopped for a moment to open his own pants, to take him in a hand.
Then he dragged Spock's pants and underwear to his knees and pressed the tip of his hard, leaking cock to Spock's entrance.
He loved this moment every time, and it never lost its pleasure and thrill. Spock wriggled under him, trying to adjust a better angle; Jim propped himself onto his hands next to Spock's sides and plunged in.
With a growl Jim begun to thrust harder, marking Spock nearly scream into the pillow.
Their breathing begun to quicken, and soon they were panting, sweaty and hot, both so very close.
“I'm going to climax!” Spock said under his breath. And Jim was moving his hips back and forth even faster.
Spock's body tensed, his fingers grabbed the pillow, he clenched around Jim's throbbing cock and came hard all over the sheets and his belly.
It tipped Jim over the edge and he pulled out quickly to splash it over Spock's smooth back.
Then Captain collapsed on top of his First Officer, breathless, eyes closed, lips parted on the exhalation; brushing his mouth over Spock's neck and jawline. Both drunk in the post-orgasmic haze, they were lying motionless for a while.
Now, I am very exhausted. But also pleased.” Spock noted and Jim grinned.
30 November 2012 @ 08:50 pm
I created this fantasy. Even not I did, but something happened in the world that made me fall for you.
You have nothing to do with it. Neither do I. It just happened. Like accidents or lucky lotteries happen.
This wild fantasy was born within me, grew up and blossomed inside, overwhelmed all around it and blurred everything else.
You were trapped inside this fantasy. You're a accidental prisoner. There's nothing I can do.
There's nothing you can do or say to change it.
I still like you. I still dream about you.
And I would jump into action if you let me. If you wanted it too. If you were ready. If you let yourself jump into action as well.
But you're not into this.
And it's probably good. Reasonable at least.
My fantasy flame is fed by the images of you, communication with you. And it seems to be okay. The flame seems to warm us both, not brutally burn.

...Why am I writing this? I just have something on my mind, not knowing what's next, how soon it will end.
It's just what I think at the moment, thinking about you, contemplating on our conversations and chats, recalling your pictures.
I would be pretty sad if it were to end.

30 November 2012 @ 08:39 pm
You're my live fantasy.
You're like a picture, stepped out of a fanzine.
You're moving, breathing, smiling, talking... You're like a real-life doll.
First it was movie, then figurines, now I kind of have real you.
Not literally, not in my arms that I can touch you, hold you, squeeze you, press my cheek against you, rub you. Just see you, talk to you, hear from you, read what you write.
Is that enough?
No, it isn't.
But it wouldn't be a fantasy anymore if we were to meet in person.
That would be a different level. Bad or good, who knows.
I'd like to know what you're like in real.
What you're like in bed.
What it's like to hold your hand.
Watch you eat or sleep, hear you laugh, tell you a joke, doing you shoulder massage, kissing your temple or corner of the mouth, watching you dress or undress, speak French with you, see you getting annoyed with my mistakes and efforts...
That would have been damn good if we met under different circumstances.
That would no longer be a fantasy. That would have been a reality.

30 November 2012 @ 08:28 pm

You're so far away , doing
weird things, fascinating things...

Behind closed doors, in
your home you're a simple man, like everyone.

I want to touch your body

Want to wake up with you.

Want to see you in
3-dimensional way.

Want to peel you off
clothes and do all amazing things to you over and over again.

It won't work, you're too
far away. We live in different dimensions, different world, speak
different languages...

But somehow my feeling
doesn't diminish because of this.

Somehow I have that reel
in my head, spinning it before sleep, imagining you and me... or just

I am not suffering, not
sad, just telling you what I think.